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completely Customizable...

Make it the way you want

Appointment Agent is highly configurable that makes it perfect for businesses of any size and sector.

Appointment Agent offers service businesses the ability to accept appointments online and even manage appointments coming on phone. The result is happier clients, improved efficiency, and increased profit.

With Appointment Agent, Clients can view your available openings and book an appointment online 24/7 in just minutes. Clients don't have to call during your business hours and risk getting a busy signal, being placed on hold, or causing an interruption

The staff console is optimized for speed and information that helps your staff in handling queries and scheduling appointments coming on phone very fast.You can also optimize your client management by keeping track of contact information and appointment history on each client.

Scheduling Features


  • Setup multiple locations
  • Add holidays at location level
  • Setup different services for different locations
  • Configure automatic/manual confirmation
  • Configure min and max appointment lead times
  • Configure cancellation lead times

Staff Scheduling

  • Add, change or cancel appointments
  • Set one or multiple appointments per time slot
  • Simultaneously view schedules for multiple staff members
  • Customize appointment durations as needed (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, one hour, etc)
  • Set and restrict staff services
  • Maintain individual schedules
  • Set vacations and block unavailable times

Customer self scheduling

  • Allow customers to schedule and cancel their own appointments.
  • Permit customers to immediately book after registering or require approval first.
  • Determine how far in advance customers can make and cancel appointments.
  • Color-coded grid to determine appointment status.
  • Allows customer to select specific staff member and service

Predefined Themes/Templates

You can choose from these pre-defined themes/templates and CUSTOMIZE them as per your business needs. You can change almost everything including Images, Text, Google map, etc.


Default Theme.

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For Doctors and other Health care providers.

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Business 1

For any type of businesses.

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Business 2

For any type of businesses.

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For Yoga Studios.

View Demo


For Reiki Centers.

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Spiritual and Meditation

For Spiritual and Meditation Centers.

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Beautiful Customizable Green theme.

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Beautiful Customizable Blue theme.

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Beautiful Customizable Brown theme.

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Embed scheduler directly to your Website!

easy to integrate...

Website Integration

If you already have your own website then you can simply embed scheduler directly to your website. This way your customers will be able to book appointment right from your website.

Transform your static website to a much more functional website.

Integrate with just one line of code.

    Features on Scheduler widget:
  • View Schedule
  • Book Appointment
  • Google Map
  • Search scheduled Appointment
  • Cancel scheduled Appointment
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Sample website integration:

Your Website

Life is busy, It's great to get Reminded!

reduces no-shows and hence time...

Automated Reminders

Automates the process of reminding your clients so that you don't have to manually call or type emails. A gentle reminder goes a long way in ensuring that your clients and assigned staff show up for their appointments, on time

This helps reduce customer "no-shows" and keeps you connected to your business.

  • Automated appointment confirmation emails and text messages to your customers.
  • Automated reminder emails and text messages to the customers - you decide the time relative to the appointment.
  • Email and text intimation to customers in case of cancellations and reschedules.
  • Automatic email and text messages to your staff for all booked appointments.
  • Daily mail to your staff containing a report of the day's scheduled appointments.
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Keeps you updated Always!

on iPhone, android, blackberry...

Mobile Apps

AppointmentAgent provides mobile applications for Android, iPhone, Nokia and Blackberry smart phones to keep you/your staff up to date with their scheduled appointments. This will keep you in touch with your business anytime anywhere. .

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Check how your business is Doing !

state of the art reporting...

Complete Reporting Capabilities

Reporting capabilities are critical in ensuring a system provides maximum ROI and helps you in crucial decision making.

Running weekly monthly and quarterly reports helps you keeps your eyes on the numbers and gives you total control on your business. Using week over week, month over month and year over year report comparisons help you evaluate whether this just a one time occurrence or the beginning or end of a trend.

Reports give you a collection of data from a finite period in time that is sorted and analyzed based on specific criteria critical to your business.

    Available Reports :
  • Home Graph Report : Use line charts and Pie charts to summaries how your business is doing.
  • Appointment Report: List and filter out appointment list for selected time period.
  • Customer Report : List and filter out client list for selected time period.
  • Staff Report : Summaries appointments for all staff members.
  • Operator Report : Performance report of operators.

All reports can be exported in multiple file formats.

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Lots of other amazing Features!

Smart system for smart Businesses...

Amazing Features

Support for Multiple Staff and Multiple locations

This software will work great even if you work out of multiple locations and services. Each staff could have different working hours for different locations.You can also block time for holidays at any location. Allow all your staff including Administrative staff to login and manage their appointments.

Customers can Schedule and Cancel their own Appointments Online

Allow your customers to setup their appointments online at any time of the day.Schedule your appointments upto 1 year in advance.
Allowing your customers to cancel appointments online is a great feature. They can cancel it instead of not showing up on time. This will free up space to book another appointment at that time slot, hence enabling you to make better use of your time.

Single appointment or multiple appointments per time slot

For some organizations, a multiple appointments per time slot arrangement is a better fit. An example would be a doctor who sees 6 patients between 8am and 9am. All of the patients can show up at 8am because the doctor can work with more than one patient at a time. Another example would be a tour company that sets up tours of 25 people at a time.


You may chose to automatically accept appointments or review each request before confirming to users.

Flexible Working Hours

Setup your working hours any which way you like it. You can have a break during a day or work in different locations on different days. Each staff can have different schedule.

Ability to Block Out Your Personal Time/Vacation

Block your personal or vacation time so people wont be able to schedule appointments at that time.

Manage your Clients

You can add your clients into the system for easy lookup and also maintain a history of their visits to your business.

Google Map

Add google map on your website to help your clients reach you.

Private and Secure

You can assign different level of security to the users of the application. We also use High grade SSL encryption to protect your data while you are working in our application. We have multiple level of security.

Email Support

If you run into any problems, we will get the issue resolved quickly!

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